It is a hairdresser for English in Kagoshima city, Japan

Hair cutting, hair color, straight perm, specialty shop

You can also experience head spa and eyelash extension

A stylist who studied in London, Paris, New York will be in charge

You can also experience highlight color technology

Hair cut, hair color, and specialize in straight perm

3 parking spaces are provided

Multi-cultural sphere, multi-lingual users are also available

5 minutes on foot from Kagoshima Central Station

○ Our prices
・Cut                    ¥4,500     
  Univ、HS           ¥3,700
   Ms、Es             ¥2,700
・Color                 ¥5,400〜    
・Perm                 ¥6,400〜 
・Straight perm    ¥9,700〜
・Tratment            ¥2,100〜   
・Head spa          ¥4,700〜   
・eyelash              ¥3,500〜